RSA NCS CAPS Grade R Mathematics Curriculum

Mathematics in the Foundation Phase covers five content areas. Each content area contributes to the acquisition of specific skills. The table below shows the general focus of the content areas as well as the specific focus of the content areas for the Foundation Phase. The five content ares are - Numbers, Operations and Relationships, Patterns, Functions and Algebra, Space and Shape (Geometry), Measurement, Data Handling (Statistics).

In Grade R - 3, it is important that the area of Numbers, Operations and Relationships is the main focus of Mathematics. The approach to learning Mathematics in Grade R should be based on the principles of integration and play-based learning. The teacher should be pro-active, a mediator rather than a facilitator. A mediator makes the most of incidental learning opportunities that arise spontaneously during a range of child-centred activities such as free play in the fantasy corner or block construction site, sand and water play activities as well as teacher-guided activities that focus on mathematical concepts such as counting, number concept development, space and shape, patterns, time and other emergent mathematics activities. Colour is not in itself a mathematical concept, but can be used to promote the acquisition of mathematical concepts in activities such as sorting, grouping and classifying.

All aspects of Grade R, including the classroom environment and teaching and learning practice, should promote the holistic development of the child. Development that is an integral part of emergent numeracy includes cognitive development (problem-solving, logical thought and reasoning), language development (the language of mathematics) and perceptual-motor as well as emotional and social development. All these aspects can be developed through stories, songs, rhymes, finger games and water play, educational toys including board games, construction and exploration activities (mass, time, capacity, measurement, etc.), imaginative play, outdoor play and “playground games”. Many kinds of games and play could include aspects of numeracy, for example measuring during cooking or counting during shopping.

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