RSA NCS CAPS Grade 6 Social Sciences Geography Curriculum

The subject Social Sciences consists of History and Geography. Both History and Geography should be taught and assessed during every term of the school year. Although the two disciplines are kept separate, this curriculum is designed to complement the knowledge (content, skills and concepts) outlined in each. This Social Sciences curriculum aims to provide opportunities for learners to look at their own worlds with fresh, critical eyes and perhaps more importantly, it aims to introduce learners to a world beyond their everyday realities. Schools should be special places that provide learners with knowledge to which they would otherwise not have access.

History is the study of change and development in society over time. The study of History enables people to understand and evaluate how past human action has an impact on the present and how it influences the future. Geography is the study of the human and physical environment. Geography is an integrated discipline that examines both physical and human processes over space and time. Geography helps us to understand our complex world. It offers us a bridge between the human and physical sciences. There are many branches of Geography. Physical Geography examines natural processes and features including the atmosphere, landforms, and ecosystems. Human Geography is concerned with the activities and impact of people on the earth.

Outline Of What Is To Be Taught

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